Earth Continuity Relay Model ic3

The Bramco ic3 Earth Continuity Relay is designed to actively monitor the resistance of the pilot earth circuit in a supply cable by diode termination.

The ic3 utilises microprocessor technology to provide a greater level of stability over longer pilot cables by using digital filering techniques. The microprocessor also performs continual self dianostics to prevent false tripping or failure to operate.

The ic3 has a user selectable trip resistance adjustable between 5 and 45 ohms as well as user selectable trip time from 100 - 500ms for electrically noisy cable reels and VSD applications.




ic3 Relay (110VAC)              (Part no: A01328)

ic3 Relay (24 - 48VAC/DC)    (Part no: A01329)

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Earth Continuity Relay Model ic3
Earth Continuity Relay Model ic3
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