Frozen Contactor Relay Model I-F

The Bramco I-F has been designed to detect a voltage leak across the contacts of any type of electrical switching device for the protection of personnel from electrical shock or the risk of electrical sparking.

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The I-F will detect a leakage of voltage across a switching device of 24 volts or more when the switching device is supposedly in the open or tripped position. A barrier is used in conjunction with this relay. The barrier is a three phase unit used to isolate high voltages from the detection equipment. As the barrier is a three phase unit leakage on any or all of the phases being monitored will detected and cause a trip. The detection circuit is non fail safe and energises on detection of leakage. The unit is internally powered from the power supply card.


Ordering information

A00210 - 110VAC/240VAC (20 Second delay)

A00953 - 110VAC/240VAC (60 Second delay)

A01214 - 24-48V AC/DC (20 Second delay)

A01180 - 1100VAC Barrier

Frozen Contactor Relay Model I-F
Frozen Contactor Relay Model I-F
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1100V Barrier