OTU1 Outlet Test Unit

The Bramco Outlet Test Unit is designed to provide the statutory Earth Leakage Test on an outlet without opening the cubicle. The test incorporates a highly accurate timer to record the tike taken to isolate the power to the outlet.


  • Robust Weather Proof Case
  • Clip in Shoulder Strap
  • Battery powered
  • Improved seven step, switch mode charger with pulse maintenance
  • Phase Rotation Indication
  • Line Power Indication
  • Multiple earth current settings
  • Multiple system voltage settings
  • Earth continuity test for pilot short and pilot open

Ordering Information

Outlet Test Unit (1000V, 415V, 110V)  

(Part no: S11637)

Outlet Test Unit (1000V, 415V, 110V) (Phase Reverse) (100V test on Phase A)

(Part no: S11639)

Outlet Test Unit (1000V, 525V, 240V)

(Part no: S11640)

OTU1 Outlet Test Unit
OTU1 Outlet Test Unit
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